Photographs at home... {Family photographer in Leighton Buzzard}

All too often we are quick to discard the idea of having family photographs taken at home, thinking instead that they need to be done outside in beautiful gardens or woodland. That is not the case at all (although these can of course be very beautiful pictures too!). When you think about having family photos done really think about why you are having them done. If it is to capture the memories of how life is now then your home is often the perfect backdrop for your photographs. Please believe me when I say that you really don’t need to worry about having an ‘instaworthy’ house, not many people do. But it is yours and that’s where you are spending these days together as a family so it makes sense to have your family photos done there too. The other good thing is that everyone feels comfortable, there’s no pressure to be a certain way. If one of your kids isn’t feeling in the mood for photos at the start they can go off and play and we can work around it. You also have snacks readily available and outfit changes too if needed. As a photographer it is a total honour to spend time with families in their homes to tell their story of that moment in their lives. To see what I mean take a look at this lovely family spending Saturday at home. (Note outfit changes, snacks and play!)

If you’re still not sure if an in-home family session will work for you and you’d like to know more then do get in touch.