Meeting @mamalinauk {Buckinghamshire Photographer}

Photographing the blogger, Mamalina UK, and her family was a real joy on a Sunday late last year.

Emma is as warm in person as she comes across on her thriving Instagram account @mamalinauk. Her beautiful blog centres on ‘living and parenting slowly and sustainably’ and she embraces that ethos in all that she does. We started our afternoon at her local farmers market and then headed home for some family time followed by a few profile shots. The purpose of the shoot was to create content for Emma’s brilliant Season’s Greetings campaign and for her to use in to the new year- we even photographed her hairy legs!

It was great to work with Emma to create a range of content in one photo session. I also love seeing my images when she uses them online!

To see more or @mamalinauk on Instagram

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On your doorstep... {Family photography in Leighton Buzzard}

When people ask me where the best place to have their family photographs taken is I have two answers: Number 1- At home. Where you don't have to put your 'best' clothes on (though you can if you want to, in fact, you can have a few wardrobe changes!), the kids can play with their own toys and do their own thing, parents can make a cuppa and generally life is good. Or number 2- A place with real meaning to you, which more often than not can be found on your doorstep. With this family it was the latter, we walked from their front door on a walk they've done a hundred times.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon earlier in the year and it was good family time. Let's just not mention the cows who wanted to be in the pictures too!

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Gift vouchers... give the creative gift of photography {Family photographer in Buckinghamshire}

Have you started thinking about your festive shopping yet?

Family photoshoots have been a popular gift in families for a while now and, having delivered those gifted family photoshoots I can see why.

Families come in all different sizes with such a variety of combinations and connections. When you have a family get together with various branches and generations of your family there is always lots to catch up on, kids playing with each other and making sure everyone is well fed and watered. The last thing on your mind is taking photographs, and if it is, it generally involves a camera being set on self timer while one of you runs to their designated space and the kids at the front wriggle and make faces (or in my case the brother-in-laws are making the faces!).

On a family photoshoot, yes we will get those group shots, but we’ll also get pictures of you spending time together as a family in a relaxed and informal way. You get to chat and catch up while I capture your family connections and create photographs for your family album.

Just like this family in the woods…

The two daughters got together to give their parents a family photoshoot for their 70th birthday this summer.

It may be that you would like to give a gift of photographs of you and your family to other family members. Family sessions can make a great gift as you get a variety of prints to choose from and you can have your images professionally printed to give.

These were all taken with grandparents and aunties in mind…

So if you are thinking about giving the gift of photography for Christmas, get in touch to find out more.

Summer days are coming... {Family photographer in Leighton Buzzard}

Don't you just love summer? Early summer holds so much promise as the long days stretch ahead full of time to play and new adventures. Photographing families on these lovely summer days is a treat as they make new memories on old walks or simply playing in the garden. 

Looking forward, I can see ice creams, water fights, barbecues and lazy summer days for my family as we try to spend more time together. Sometimes when the kids are outside they even seem to like each other for extended lengths of time! These are the memories that I love to catch on camera. 

What does your summer ahead look like?

Blink and you’ll miss it... {Family photography}

‘Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.’ - Ferris Bueller

Do you ever wonder how your children grew up so quickly and ask yourself where the years went?! Me too. Which is one of the many reasons I document our family life in photos. 

Recently I returned to see the McHugh’s. Their eldest daughter was the first newborn I ever photographed and they have just welcomed their third child in to the family with another gorgeous one in between. It is so lovely to see how their family has grown and to record it with photographs.

Baby 1,2,3...

And just look how this family has grown (and how they've decorated!)...

And just because...