Meet Leanne, Helen and Vivianne... {Portrait photographer in Tring}

If you are lucky enough to live in a place where you feel a real sense of community you will have an idea of what it might be like to live in Tring. It can be hard to define ’sense of community’ as it’s more than about the services and people in your area. It’s about the feeling that you get from being part of a community. These ladies were all introduced to me through the wonderful local network that is Tring Buzz. In a Facebook group I shared the idea of the project and these ladies were nominated straight away. ..

Meet Leanne…


Leanne welcomed me in to her home where she teaches her hypo-birthing courses for parents-to-be. For her, it is not about telling mothers how to give birth but enabling them to have options, to make their own decisions and to feel confident in the decisions that they make along their birth journey. I wish I had know Leanne when I had my children! She is so well thought of in the local community and has established an excellent reputation. She also works with other practitioners offering workshops around birth. For Leanne one of the best moments is meeting the mothers and babies and hearing about their experiences. Nominated by Katy from Tring Buzz who described her as awesome because she has helped so many parents in the local community.

Meet Vivianne…

portrait tring

To many Vivianne epitomises the community of Tring. She is responsible for coordinating the Spring fayre, Summer carnival and Christmas festival in the town and brings together people from all areas of the community. Vivianne has lived in Tring for many years and has also developed Tring Together; a networking group encouraging businesses in the area to work together.

Vivianne was nominated by Georgie who says:

Vivianne runs Tring Together, a local networking group, and numerous things within the church. She is from Tring and is all about promoting Tring and building a community here. She is also tirelessly enthusiastic, kind and thoughtful and has become a great friend over the years.

We met at the war memorial by the church on which Vivianne’s grandfather is named. Her passion for the local made me realise how lucky we are to have people like Vivianne in our local community.

Meet Helen…

portrait tring

Helen was nominated by Kim who says

I met Helen when she joined our sole practitioner network Tring Wellbeing Community. She has been a loyal supporter, always giving of herself, is passionate about her homeopathy and in treating and helping those in need. She is warm loving and kind and has great integrity but modest and always positive. A true unsung hero!

When I met Helen at Ashridge on an unseasonably warm February day she had come straight from nordic walking with friends. She loves the outdoors and had no doubt about where she would like to be photographed as she spends time most days at Ashridge. As soon as I met Helen I felt her warmth and she soon explained the impact that her reiki practice had on others. She was so passionate about it and the power of natural healing. Towards the end of our time together Helen dropped in to the conversation that she loves to fire walk! Seriously! It is good for her soul. There’s no denying that Helen’s generosity of spirit is one of the many reasons why she has such an impact on the lives of others. And just like that she was off to tai chi.